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Humans would hear only "woof woof", but Cocopuff knew her fellow puppies understood. They began to dig around the monument and scratch its base. Soon it came crashing down. More police cruisers approached, and the monument crashed onto them, killing the men inside. " Cocopuff barked. " The puppies raced forward, tails wagging, mouths bloody. Tanks rolled toward them, and their guns tossed puppy parts in all direction. War planes flew ahead, blowing puppies to bits. " Cocopuff barked. Soon they reached the White House and began biting and digging.

He stared at the puppies, jaw clenched. "You can break my bottles of booze. You can rip off my arm. " Elvis opened the suitcase he carried with him everywhere. He pulled out a hundred sticks of TNT. " he cried and laughed. " He lit the TNT and laughed. The Las Vegas strip exploded in a fountain of fire and smoke. A mushroom cloud rose above it. People could see the explosion miles away. They wondered what caused the blast... and why it started to rain puppies. FREE BONUS STORY! Grouchy’s Demise by Michael Crane There was nothing in the world that Mr.

The puppies swarmed over him. Blood and guts and organs flew. Sean screamed, and soon his skeleton collapsed into the sand. The puppies ran around with his entrails, as if playing with a string of sausages. Tiffany screamed and ran. A puppy leaped up behind her, bit the strap of her bra, and it finally came loose. Tiffany ran, screaming, arms crossed over her own puppies. The pugs chased. They were gaining on her. Could puppies swim? Tiffany didn’t know, but she would find out. She jumped into the water and began swimming, glancing over her shoulder.

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