New PDF release: Diseases and Disorders - AIDS (Diseases and Disorders)

By Sudipta Bardhan-Quallen

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In our patients who have been treated very early and very hard, and have received this treatment two years now, we are still finding a residual pool of virus resting in certain CD4 cells, in a very quiescent way. This poses a new obstacle to deal with. 30 Since even single copies of the virus can infect new cells to produce thousands of additional viral particles, anything less than 100 percent elimination cannot be considered a cure. Adding to the challenge is that HAART often has severe side effects, making it impossible for many patients to continue taking the drugs indefinitely.

New Weapons Against HIV 45 Cusick’s blood. Similarly, fifty-four-year-old John Rife’s immune system was so weakened that opportunistic infections ranging from virulent pneumonia to AIDS-related cancers ravaged his body. Within a month of starting the drug cocktail, Rife’s cancer was gone, and HIV levels in his blood were undetectable as well. Starting Early As effective as the drug cocktails have proven against HIV, some scientists hope for more—that combination therapy can completely eliminate HIV.

The virus’s ability to mutate and the extent of the mutations are better understood. With the new information, slow progress has been made toward vaccine development. By the early 1990s, scientists had begun to see initial successes in animal subjects. For example, in 1990, three groups of scientists at Immuno AG in Vienna, Genentech in south San Francisco, and the Pasteur Institute in Paris were able to use HIV vaccines to protect chimpanzees from infection. Building on these initial triumphs, vaccines for humans were soon ready to be tested.

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