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By Marilyn Ivy

ISBN-10: 0226388344

ISBN-13: 9780226388342

Publish 12 months note: initially released in 1995

Japan this present day is haunted via the ghosts its miraculous modernity has generated. Deep anxieties in regards to the power lack of nationwide identification and continuity disturb many in Japan, regardless of common insistence that it has remained culturally intact. during this provocative conjoining of ethnography, heritage, and cultural feedback, Marilyn Ivy discloses those anxieties—and the makes an attempt to include them—as she tracks what she calls the vanishing: marginalized occasions, websites, and cultural practices suspended at moments of forthcoming disappearance.

Ivy indicates how a fascination with cultural margins observed the emergence of Japan as a contemporary countryside. This fascination culminated within the early twentieth-century institution of jap folklore experiences and its makes an attempt to checklist the spectral, occasionally violent, narratives of these margins. She then strains the obsession with the vanishing via various modern reconfigurations: efforts through distant groups to advertise themselves as nostalgic websites of authenticity, storytelling practices as symptoms of premodern presence, mass commute campaigns, recallings of the lifeless by way of blind mediums, and itinerant, kabuki-inspired populist theater.

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54. Etienne Balibar, "The Nation Form: History and Ideology," in his Race, Nation, Class: Ambiguous Identities, 89. 55 It is through the entre nous that nation-cultures imaginarily cohere. The attempt to represent the communally intimate through the pub­ licity of the televisual apparatus, for example, configures the para­ doxes already attendant on the reversal of the public and the private, the outside and the interior. Intimacy is stretched to cover the entire reach of all Japanese (as Zizek has shown, only people with the same national "thing" share the same forms of enjoyment): what could be more intimate than the telepathies of the holonic society?

But dialogue can also be under­ stood in a broader sense, meaning not only direct, face-to-face, vocalized verbal commu­ nication between persons, but also verbal communication of any type whatsoever. , a verbal performance in print, is also an element of verbal communication.... " Volosinov, Marxism and the Philosophy of Language, 95. " Caryl Emerson and Michael Holquist, in M. M. Bakhtin, The Dialogic Imagination, 426-27. 20 CHAPTER ONE Japanese voices (and is often foreclosed in certain reductive versions of so-called dialogic anthropology).

By stating that this relationship is phantasmatic I am not saying that it is fictional. 48 The second event—when the originary moment emerges as an event to consciousness—is thus the first in­ stance: the origin is never at the origin; it emerges as such only through its displacement. The event, the origin (or the origin as event)—what we might imagine as the substratum of the real—is thus embedded in a structure of phantasm, if phantasm is understood as an epistemological object whose presence or absence cannot be definitively located.

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