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At first look it will possibly appear presumptuous to need so as to add another to the various books on Differential Thermal research (DT A). Thermoanalytical equipment were in use for it slow, as proven by way of the greater than 5 thousand courses containing DT A or TG curves indexed via SMOTHERS and CHIANG within the bibliography to their instruction manual and abstracted within the a number of volumes of Thermal research Abstracts (TAA), edited via J. P. REDFERN for the foreign Con­ federation for Thermal research (ICT A). each 3 years the continue­ ings of ICT A conferences are released, bringing the most recent result of thermoanalytic study. there's additionally the Scifax DT a knowledge Index, edited by means of R. C. MACKENZIE (1962) and modeled at the ASTM development card index (used for X-ray investigations), a compilation of the DT a knowledge for a number of hundred minerals, and inorganic and natural fabrics. The theoretical foundations of thermogravimetry and DT A were defined intimately by way of LEHMANN, DAS and PAETSCH (1953), R. C. MACKENZIE (1957, 1970), DUVAL (1963), WENDLANDT (1964), GARN (1965), F. PAULIK et al. (1966), SMOTHERS and CHIANG (1966), and KEATTCH (1969). Thermoanalytical effects are strongly stimulated by means of different factors relative to practise and kit (see 1-2. four of this study). that is why why we regularly locate, in those books in addition to within the Scifax-Card catalog, contradictory information at the comparable substance.

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5), Cu- (Fig. 6) and other sulfides (Fig. --+-"T""-t----r-100 300 500 700 900 t [Oc] Fig. 7 or it is necessary to work in a sample holder wholly made of ceramic material. If only few sulfide samples are to be investigated, it may be sufficient to mix the substance carefully with inert material (twice the amount of sulfides) and use normal sample holders of metal. In any case, the proposed standard conditions of analysis (Table 1) must be varied if chalcogenides or sulfur are to be investigated by DT A.

Recently TURNER described DT A in a piston-cylinder apparatus up to 6 kbar and 270 C, and ROSEN HAUER et al. (1974, in press) reported high-pressure DTA studies on pyroxenes up to 7 kbar and 1400 0 C. However, all these petrologically very interesting results demonstrated that this combined method still includes some problems, as for instance the convection currents sometimes appearing at temperatures higher than 400° C. For the purpose of this monograph there is no point in going into more detail, as this will be done for a projected study on quantitative DT A concerning petrological problems and including high pressure measurements.

Structural transformations (endothermic) and some oxidation reactions (exothermic) of sulfides < 370 C; ordinate: A TC c) Sphalerite, a-ZnS (14) Mineral, formula Table 3. (continued) '"0 '"Vi' ~ I" ::l ;J> a :::.. (1) -l ::r E ;:!. '"1 (1) ~ o o -, ::l o· g' '9.. -0 ;J> ...... ::l. I" w o 31 Halogenides t:. T [OC] (+) 7 6 7 6 10 10 2 5 , 10 9 3 '. 1 13 , 9 1 5 2 o '00 II 16 16 16 16 6 8 , l' 3 7 6 1 13 500 ~ r 11 10 I j 15 15 9 2 3 13 15 12 16 8 12 7 I 15 6 2 600 If 700 800 900 t [OC] Fig. 9. Oxidation reactions of sulfides> 400° C; peak temperatures versus Ll T(ordinate).

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