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By A.M. Hopgood

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This ebook has been written based on whereas significant attempt has been made to requests from a couple of colleagues within the make sure that the insurance is entire, it's earth sciences in several components of the area. no longer inevitably exhaustive. trendy between those are geologists whose the significance hooked up to the structural pursuits lie within the fields of isotopic and research of migmatites (and different advanced fiscal geology and who've a particu­ structural institutions) stems from the very fact larly willing appreciation of the significance to that answer in their structural complexity their paintings of an intensive figuring out of the has the sort of major touching on many points structural relationships in rocks, particularly of geology, either educational and fiscal. the place such rocks, like migmatites, have an extended Examples of a few of those functions are and infrequently advanced developmental background. indexed in bankruptcy 14. fairly impor­ What those geologists requested for was once a consultant tant elements are that the structural characteris­ to the equipment hired in resolving the struc­ tics so pointed out can be utilized (1) to correlate tural complexity of many times deformed rocks among separated rock devices with similar (i. e. these stricken by 'polyphase' or a number of deformational histories, together with segments deformation), specially in Precambrian base­ of fragmented supercontinents, and (2) to ment terranes.

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7 Arcuate fold belt of the Jura mountains. g. north of Neuchatel and south of Geneva). Adapted from Figure XIII-8A, Hills, 1963, after Heim, 1919. 6. 8b), so that reorientation of fold structures in response to repeated deformation can result in widely divergent hinge attitudes whose behaviour during subsequent refolding cannot necessarily be predicted, and whose ultimate relationships may be difficult to analyse. This is because, in the simplest terms, two fundamentally different mechanisms of folding (but more likely a combination of these) can be responsible for the reorientation.

5 (a) Pre-Ketilidian migmatites, West Greenland. (b) Sketch showing the typically complex interrelationships between components of a migmatite comparable to that shown in (a) with the succession of components comprising the overall structure shown in column form (youngest at top). 86) . g. Mehnert, 1968). A clear definition of the word 'migmatite' in modern petrological terms appears to present some difficulty, as pointed out by Ashworth, 1985, pp. 1), whereas Sederholm's original definition neatly encapsulates the characteristics of migmatites and is appropriate in the context of the study of structural relationships.

3 Stereo plots showing the distribution of reorientated linear data. (a) Reorientated by slip. Originally north-trending, horizontal lineation dispersed in a plane (east-dipping dashed great circle). (b) Reorientated by flexure. Originally horizontal, northeast-trending lineation dispersed on a conical surface (dashed small circle) as in the example shown in (c). (c) Linear structure parallel to the pencils curved by flexure across open folds with hinges parallel to the handle of the hammer in the background.

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