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By Fritz Kahn

This is often the universe : infinity. area without
beginning, eternally, darkish, empty, chilly .
Through the silent darkness of this house move
gleaming spheres, separated from one another by
inconceivable distances . round them, back inconceivably
far away, like bits of dirt misplaced in
immensity, circle smaller darkish spheres, receiving
light and lifestyles from their "mother suns ." One of
these little spheres, within the gentle of 1 of the
countless suns in never-ending area, is our earth . This
is man's domestic within the universe .

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The omission of a word from our vocabulary is, of course, no remedy . Our troubles are indeed much too profound to be solved in this way! Our only way out seems to be to take for granted that space has the physical property of transmitting electro-magnetic waves, and not to bother too much about the meaning of this statement . We may still use the word "ether," but only to express some physical properties of space . This word "ether" has changed its meaning many times in the development of science .

The rolling spool is not only a model because of its form, but the spool is actually composed of ether vortices knit together in the shape of a reel . According to the theory of pycnosis, the vortices at the front of the rolling spool involve the ether in the disturbance of which they consist, while those at the back release the ether again . When the reel Fig . 10 . PYCNOSIS The old theory of pycnosis, conceived on purer- theoretical grounds, has been revived by modern physics in the form ' of the theory of matter waves .

His calculations led to the revolutionary laws of relativity . Movement, he stated, changes everything : bodies change their mass ; distances, their lengths ; objects, their diameters . These changes can not be perceived by an observer who is a member of the moving system because he and his instruments as well as the observed objects change their mass, their dimensions and other properties all in the same ratio . At the speed of a cruising ship, the changes, even if measured by an "outsider," are imperceivable, but the greater the speed, the greater the change .

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