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When this substance works together with the yellow marrow in the bone, the reddish firing reaction will activate a gentle interaction between the sacred water and the light. The sacred waters are the inner fluids that are responsible for producing bone marrow and other bodily fluids. The waters run not only in the center of the bones, but also in the spinal connections between the Crown and Perineum Points. ‘Pinoline Stage’ (Day 3 to 5) After about three days, when melatonin concentration reaches sufficient levels (15 to 20 mg) the body then begins to produce the superconductor pinoline, whereby a greater fluidity of thought and healing of the body starts to occur.

Spirulina, a spiraled blue green alga, is one of the most common nutritional varieties of blue green algae. th). 44 Summary Complete darkness profoundly changes the sensory sensibilities of the brain. The body is deprived of all visual reference. Sounds begin to fall away as we lose contact with the external world and turn the senses inward. The effect of darkness is to shut down major cortical centers in the brain, depressing mental and cognitive functions in the higher brain centers. Emotional and feeling states are enhanced, especially the sense of smell and the finer senses of psychic perception.

5-MeO-DMT Drug Trip Account “I can remember this feeling of building intensity up to a point, and then I was not there in my body or in time. In the 10 to 15 minutes that my body was under the influence of the drug my mind was completely referenceless, there was no way for my consciousness to limit or gauge the stimuli my being was barraged with. I remember switching to a perception where the endless and intricate phosphene was love and the energy of light. I called upon those forces within my being to realign and submit, to let go of all the cogent fears and just exist ...

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