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The subject material is updated and provides an perception of the topic intimately. After facing the manuscript, the readers could be able with a whole capability to get luck within the existence sciences part. every one bankruptcy is supplemented with perform try out papers. 8 chapters containing 10 version try out papers is integrated to offer education to the scholars of this steam. version try papers contain questions about arithmetic, laptop technological know-how, Geography, Physics, Chemistry and lifestyles Sciences which shape the curriculum of Part-A of Paper-I. bankruptcy nine is in particular designed to provide reminiscence established existence technological know-how query papers of previous few years. resolution keys for perform attempt papers, version try out papers and former 12 months internet try papers also are supplied. this can be the 1st try in India to supply all crucial components in one name to get definite good fortune for internet exam performed through CSIR-UGC in India.

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The cell surface receptor of B lymphocytes, (derived and mature in Bone marrow in mammals or the Bursa of fabricius in chickens) is an immunoglobulin molecule which, when secreted by the B cell, is known as an antibody. 6. Immunity provided by Immunoglobulins (antibodies) is termed as humoral immunity (Humor=fluid/blood) Antibodies work in three ways 1. Agglutination: Antibodies bind to antigens to produce large insoluble complexes, which render them harmless and facilitate their destruction by other cells of the immune system.

Activation of a proto-oncogene into an oncogene can occur by point mutation, gene amplification, and gene translocation. Cell Biology 27 5. The first recognized oncogene, v-src, was identified in Rous sarcoma virus, a cancercausing retrovirus. Retroviral oncogenes arose by transduction of cellular protooncogenes into the viral genome and subsequent mutation. 6. The first human oncogene to be identified encodes a constitutively active form of Ras, a signal-transduction protein. This oncogene was isolated from a human bladder carcinoma.

Tumor-suppressor genes encode proteins cell cycle if DNA is damaged or chromosomes are abnormal, receptors for secreted hormones that function to inhibit cell proliferation, proteins that promote apoptosis, and DNA repair enzymes. 9. Inherited mutations causing retinoblastoma led to the identification of RB, the first tumor-suppressor gene to be recognized. IMMUNE RESPONSE 1. Immunity means protection from disease and especially infectious disease. Cells and m olecules involved in such protection constitute the immune system and the response to introduction of a foreign agent is known as the immune response.

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