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By Jean-Paul Poirier

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This textbook describes the physics of the plastic deformation of solids at excessive temperatures. it's directed at geologists or geophysicists drawn to the high-temperature behaviour of crystals who desire to develop into accustomed to the tools of fabrics technology in as far as they're valuable to earth scientists. It explains an important types and up to date experimental effects with out wasting the reader within the basic literature of fabrics technology. In flip the booklet bargains with the fundamental solid-state physics; thermodynamics and hydrostatics of creep; creep versions and their purposes within the geological sciences; diffusion creep; superplastic deformation and deformation greater via part differences. 5 concluding chapters provide experimental effects for metals, ceramics and minerals. There are broad bibliographies to assist additional examine.

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Whether a plastic instability in a sample manifests itself as a load drop or not depends on the hardness of the machine: when the crosshead moves at constant speed there is a deformaFig. 9. ) for materials with various properties: (a) workhardening, decelerating creep-rate, (b) no work-hardening, steady-state creep, (c) work-softening, accelerating creep-rate, (d) yield point, sigmoidal creep curve. ) which can be formally described as a spring with a rigidity constant k. If the machine is hard (k large), a rapid variation in length of the sample is immediately felt and the load relaxes visibly; if the machine is soft (k small), the rapid variation in length of the sample is absorbed by the machine and the load drop is ironed out.

The cations, smaller in general, are often more mobile than the anions; they give the principal contribution to the ionic electrical conductivity which in first approximation is proportional to the diffusion coefficient of the cations. This diffusion regime, where vacancies are thermally created, is the only one possible for theoretically pure crystals and even for slightly impure crystals at high temperature, as we will see presently. Let us now consider the same crystal but with a small concentration of aliovalent cationic impurities in substitution (for instance Ca 2 + in NaCl).

16. Typical constant-structure curves for various values of the hardness parameter y. Stress jumps and stress relaxation correspond to moving the representative point (

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