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Schemas are therefore of help to people in seeing, evaluating and responding to situations. They may also contribute to an inability to see certain things if the schema into which a person fits a new experience is an inappropriate one (Abercrombie, 1969). If we are to get a full picture of an individual's outlook, and so of the communications he is likely to make and the interpretations he will put upon those he receives, we must bear in mind the many cognitive and emotional schemas which he has evolved.

They are not only exposed to information opinions and attitudes obtained from people with w h o m they are in face-to-face contact. They also make use of other means of communication such as books, comics, radio and television. Because much that is written about the 50 Communication in Social Work supposed influence of the mass media on children says or implies that it is adverse, the benefits may be overlooked. Children and adults may benefit from being better informed than they were before, for example.

She did not look directly at Miss Cross, she made no welcoming gestures and she was curt when she said the worker could enter; we may reasonably assume that she did not smile. She seemed to invite Miss Cross into the house in a grudging way: she seemed to speak in a "hostile tone of voice". Her manner towards Miss Cross seems to have contrasted with the affectionate way in which she spoke to the child. Miss Cross noticed this, and that she carried on with her cooking at the stove. This appeared to indicate that the visit was made at an inconvenient time for Mrs.

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