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6. 26) and At time t = 0, P0 (0) = 1, and P1 (0) = 0. 28) and P1 ( s ) where s is the Laplace transform variable. Pi (s) is the Laplace transform of the probability that the system is in state i; for i = 0 (operating normally), i = 1 (failed). 002 failures per hour. Calculate the system probability of failure during a 150-hour mission. 2592. 3 Fault Tree Analysis (FTA) Fault tree analysis (FTA) is one of the most widely used methods in the industrial sector to evaluate reliability of engineering systems.

K. , K. x The probability of the union of K independent events is K P ( X 1  X 2  X 3  .... 32) x The probability of the union of K mutually exclusive events is P ( X 1  X 2  X 3  ....  X K )  P ( X 2 )  P ( X 3 )  ... 5 Probability-related Mathematical Definitions There are various probability-related mathematical definitions used in performing reliability and quality analyses. 34) where P(Y) is the probability of occurrence of event Y. M is the total number of times Y occurs in the m repeated experiments.

The internal failure costs occur prior to the delivery of the product to the buyer. They are associated with items such as in-house components and materials failures, redesign, scrap, failure analysis, and re-inspection and retest. The external failure costs occur after the delivery of the product to the buyers and are associated with items such as warranty charges, replacement of defective parts, liability, investigation of customer complaints, failure analysis, and repair. Often, manufacturing organizations use various types of quality cost indices to monitor their performance.

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