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F. Jerry Lucia, operating in America’s major oil-rich nation, has produced a piece that is going after one of many holy grails of oil prospecting. One major goal in petroleum restoration is the outline of the third-dimensional distribution of petrophysical homes at the interwell scale in carbonate reservoirs. Doing so may increase functionality predictions by way of fluid-flow laptop simulations. Lucia’s publication specializes in the advance of geological, petrophysical, and geostatistical equipment, describes the elemental petrophysical homes, vital geology parameters, and rock materials from cores, and discusses their spatial distribution. A final bankruptcy bargains with reservoir versions as an enter into circulate simulators.

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The equations relating porosity, permeability, water saturation, and reservoir height (capillary pressure) are summarized below. 4 Petrophysics of Separate-Vug Pore Space The addition of separate-vug porosity to interparticle porosity alters the petrophysical characteristics by altering the manner in which pore space is connected, all pore space being connected at some level. Examples of separate-vug pore space are illustrated in Figure 20. Separate vugs are not connected to each other. They are connected only through the interparticle pore space and, although the addition of separate vugs increases total porosity, it does not significantly increase permeability (Lucia 1983).

C) Grain-dominated packstone. d) Large grain grain-dominated packstone. (e) Mud-dominated packstone. (f) Muddominated packstone with some separate-vug pore space. (g) Wackestone with microporosity. (h) Scanning electron microscope photo of microporosity in a wackestone 40 Chapter 2 Rock-Fabric Classification In grain-dominated packstones the pore-size distribution is controlled by grain size, intergrain cement, and the size and porosity of the intergrain micrite (Fig. 8 C, D). In mud-dominated packstones, wackestones, and mudstones (Fig.

They overlap with the grainstone field when the grain size is larger than about 500 microns. Graindominated packstones tend to overlap with the mud-dominated field when the grains are less than 100 microns and where the distinction between graindominated and mud-dominated packstone is not clear. The deep sea chalks plot below the mud-dominated fabrics and define a separate porositypermeability field. Despite the considerable scatter in the data, grainstone, grain-dominated packstone, and mud-dominated fabrics are reasonably well constrained to the three permeability fields.

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