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By Hans Wilhelm

In this charmingly illustrated anthology by means of a widespread writer and illustrator of kid's books, a mischievous bunny learns to exploit his head whereas he is following his center. Bunny Trouble starts off with Ralph's overlook of his egg-coloring tasks at the day ahead of Easter and concludes with the advance of his personal certain layout. In More Bunny Trouble, the stressed bunny discovers the significance and rewards of being a vigilant babysitter for his little sister. And in Bad, undesirable Bunny Trouble, Ralph rescues friends and family from a trio of hungry foxes. an advantage fourth tale, Ten Little Bunnies, positive aspects funny counting rhymes.

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COSMOPOLITAN CRUSTACEAN The spiny or rock lobster (also called the crayfish) lives in most temperate coastal waters, in permanent shallows, or among boulders on the lower shore. ALL PINCERS AND ARMOR Although they live in offshore waters, lobsters are occasionally found on the lower shore marooned in tide pools. Like other crustaceans, they have the characteristic hard and heavy carapace. In the past, when far fewer European lobsters (above) were caught for food, massive individuals over 3 ft (1 m) long and weighing 13 lb (6 kg) were sometimes found.

And then there are crabs, prawns, and other scavengers that eat both plant and animal material. Filter feeders such as barnacles and mussels consume tiny particles of floating food, which may be miniature animals and plants, or bits of long-dead larger organisms. STRINGS OF EGGS Sea hares come to the shore in spring and summer to browse on the seaweeds and lay their pinkish purple, stringlike spawn. TENTACLES LIKE A HARE’S EARS? The sea hare is not considered a true sea slug, since it has a thin, flexible shell under the folds on its back.

Instead, they protect themselves and capture food with tiny stinging cells in their tentacles. KRAKEN AHOY The kraken, a sea monster of Norse Inside each cell is a capsule called a legend, made short work of ships nematocyst, which contains a long, and their crews. As is often the case, the fable has some basis in fact. The coiled thread. In some species these are kraken looks suspiciously like the squid, a member of the mollusk barbed, in others they contain venom. group. Atlantic giant squid have Triggered by touch or by certain been recorded up to 50 ft (15 m) long, including tentacles, and chemicals, the threads flick out and then weighing two tons.

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