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Each female lays an average of 100-300 eggs during her life. 74 INSECTS INVERTEBRATES 75 Order and Progress A nts are one of the insects with the highest social organization. In the anthill, each inhabitant has a job to do. The head of the family is the queen, the only one that reproduces. All the rest of the ants are her offspring. During mating, queens and drones (males) from various colonies mate on the wing. The queens need to mate several times, because the sperm they receive will have to last their lifetime.

Thanks to beekeeping, people have been able to collect the honey that bees produce. Honey was the most widely used sweetener in Europe and Asia until the spread of sugarcane during the Middle Ages. With the introduction of new techniques, modern apiculture also obtains pollen, propolis, and royal jelly from bees. Shown here are some details of the basic components of a beehive. ROOF The upper surface of the hive can be made of wood or wood panels. LOFT 60 pounds (25 kg) Nature's Engineering Honey is one of the substances that the bees themselves eat.

ROOF The upper surface of the hive can be made of wood or wood panels. LOFT 60 pounds (25 kg) Nature's Engineering Honey is one of the substances that the bees themselves eat. The bees make honey out of flower nectar and pollen from the green parts of plants. They carry the pollen to the hive as a source of protein and use propolin, a tree resin, as a form of antibiotic. Apiculture seeks to promote natural production processes in order to make use of these substances for human benefit. The Bee's Work 1 This space acts as an air chamber and prevents the sugar super from coming into contact with the exterior.

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