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Most of the filtering done by the nephrons takes place there. The wide, afferent arterioles bring blood to the glomerulus. Other, narrower, efferent arterioles lead out of the glomerulus, transporting blood. Inside the glomerulus so much pressure is generated that substances in the blood pass out through the porous capillary walls. Nephrons The functional units of the kidney that filter the blood and produce urine. The basic structure of the nephron consists of two parts: (1) the renal or Malpighian corpuscle, where filtration occurs, including the glomerulus and Bowman's capsule that envelops it; and (2) the renal tubule, a tube that collects the filtered liquid (urine) that is to be eliminated from the body.

Responding to Temperature When the skin perceives the sensation of cold, the blood vessels and the muscles contract. The purpose of this is to prevent the escape of heat; as a consequence, the hairs stand on end, resulting in what is commonly called goose bumps. The opposite happens in response to heat: the HAIR STANDING ON END This is caused by muscular contraction and guided by the open pore. CONTRACTED VESSEL A EPIDERMIS Impermeable to water. It is external and is the thinnest layer. It is wear-resistant.

Taste involves the perception of dissolved chemical substances arriving, for example, in the form of food. Taste sensation is principally seated on the upper surface of the tongue, and saliva is a fundamental ingredient for dissolving and tasting. Smell involves the perception of these chemicals when they take the form of dispersed aromas. The sense of smell operates at a greater distance than that of taste and can capture substances floating in the environment. It is thought that smell is some 10,000 times more sensitive than any of our other senses.

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