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By Willis Goth Regier

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Sought, the Sphinx turns out far and wide, even if the dad or mum of the pyramids on Egypt's Giza plateau or the attractive man-eater with a dangerous riddle, to be approached with lousy warning. The Sphinx, that icon painted, sculpted, engraved, and exalted in poetry, fiction, and tune, so inspired the thinker Hegel that he suggested the creature “the image of the symbolic itself.” With a wealth of illustrations, publication of the Sphinx confirms Hegel's lofty judgment, discovering the Sphinx in every single place: in tragedies, work, opera, homicide mysteries, brothels, bars, and advertisements. Pursuing the Sphinx via kaleidoscopic sightings and encyclopedic observations, Willis Goth Regier plumbs the symbol's mysteries, engaging in the reader down ever extra complicated and exciting paths. splendidly readable, his hugely idiosyncratic travel of the a while and the humanities leads eventually to a belief of the Sphinx that embraces not anything below all that's unknowable—proving once more that confronting a Sphinx is among the most deadly and exhilarating adventures of the mind's eye.

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For centuries Alexandria was the most important city of Christianity. The Church of Saint Mark in Alexandria supervised desert monasteries, educated bishops, and fought in the streets and pulpit for bodies and souls. It battled the stubborn gentiles of Egypt. It tamed the wild breeds of Christianity that refused to obey it. It scrapped with rival churches at Ephesus and Rome, suppressed the Gnostics, murdered Hypatia, denounced the false gospel of the Egyptians, and opposed animal worship of all kinds.

Bloody Oedipus stood alone at the crossroads. He was in unknown country where roads were watched by wolves and robbers. Arming himself with a sword and spears, he took the road the slave had chosen. The slave ran to Thebes without stopping. Behind him Oedipus limped. Along the way Oedipus met refugees from Thebes who told him news. King Laius had been killed by thieves and his widow, Jocasta, would marry any man who could defeat the monster Sphinx. Raised as a prince—smart, confident, and educated—and now uprooted, single, and with little to lose, Oedipus thought it over.

Negotiating between bidders, he permitted infidels to dig in Egypt’s ruins. European excavators easily recruited hundreds of men and boys to dig for them, working under the blazing sun to avoid capture by Muhammed Alī’s conscription and corvée. Such was Egypt when Horemakhet reappeared. the dream sphinx In 1818 Giovanni Caviglia dug down to the Sphinx’s front feet and found a tall granite slab between them. It is engraved with a story. Thutmose IV (circa 1420 bc) slept one day in the shade of the Sphinx.

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