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By Melissa Stewart

ISBN-10: 0761441557

ISBN-13: 9780761441557

This attractive sequence teaches readers concerning the physique and its many gross capabilities.

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Rumen—The first stomach chamber a ruminant’s food enters. ruminant— A large, plant-eating mammal with a four-chambered stomach. swim bladder—A body organ that helps many fish species control their depth in the water. trachea—The tube that connects the lungs and the throat. vocal cord—A flap of tissue in the larynx that plays a role in producing the human voice. Dear Readers, All the books in this series have been fun to research and write, but this one had me laughing out loud. Who knew the respiratory and digestive systems could be such a gas?

Some bacteria can make you sick. bronchus (pl. bronchi)—A tube that connects the trachea to one of the lungs. bronchiole—A tiny tube inside a lung. capillary—A tiny blood vessel through which oxygen and nutrients move into cells and carbon dioxide moves into the blood. carbon dioxide—An invisible gas that animals make as they use energy from food. cilium (pl. cilia)—A tiny hair. Cilia in the respiratory system sweep snot, mucus, and phlegm containing invading particles to the esophagus or mouth.

Intestine—The part of the digestive system that breaks down food particles and allows nutrients to pass into the blood. It’s often divided into the small intestine and large intestine. intercostal muscle—A muscle located between a pair of ribs. larynx—The tube that connects the pharynx to the trachea. It contains the vocal cords. lung—The body organ that delivers oxygen to the bloodstream. methane—A gas that contributes to global warming; the main ingredient in natural gas. molt—To shed an old outer covering that is worn out or too small.

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