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In the direction taken by the flow of current). Whether axons and dendrites respond differently to the flow of current is not known. e. preneural or nonneural) conduction (Mackie, 1970) and the electrical coupling of cells (Sheridan, 1968) in early embryonic stages suggests that the electrical field hypothesis, or some variant of it, is worthy of further investigation. ) determine the later highly specific functional interconnection of these cells in the mature neural network. 2. CONTACT GUIDANCE HYPOTHESIS Early in the history of tissue culture work, it was noted that cells did not grow or migrate unless they made contact with a solid body, such as the coverslip, the fibrin net, fibers immersed in fluid, or the surface film of the culture medium (Harrison, 1914).

N. ), Cells and tissues in culture. Vol. 2. New York: Academic Press, 1965. Pp. 373^55. Crain, S. M. Bornstein, M. , & Peterson, E. R. Development of functional organization in cultured embryonic CNS tissues during chronic exposure to agents which prevent bioelectric activity. In L. Jilek & S. ), Ontogenesis of the brain. Prague: Charles University Press, 1968. Pp. 19-25. Dews, P. , & Wiesel, T. N. Consequences of monocular deprivation on visual behavior in kittens. Journal of Physiology (London), 1970, 206, 437-455.

The selectivity of the response in the duckling is not dependent upon prior exposure to the maternal call itself, but it turns out to be dependent upon exposure of the embryo to its own vocalization and/or those of sibs (these birds begin vocalizing 3-4 days before hatching). The embryo's response to the maternal call goes through two developmental phases. In the first (earliest) phase, the embryos show an inhibition of overt activity in response to the call, whereas in the second phase they show an excitation of overt activity in response to the call.

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