William Stillman's Autism and the God Connection PDF

By William Stillman

ISBN-10: 1402219784

ISBN-13: 9781402219788

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Indeed, many families have told me they’ve been bluntly informed their loved ones don’t have anything of value to say regardless. Making Miracles 27 Always Presume Intellect My plea is that we shift our thinking of the autistic experience as one would consider a person with Cerebral Palsy. The person’s body or outward “shell” works in ways that are unreliable and atypical. That person may be unable to speak or gesticulate, or may require total assistance in all self-care skills (eating, bathing, dressing).

Similarly, when the same individual gazes back, peering deeply into the eyes of a caregiver, it is for the purpose of discerning one’s very soul. Lori, from Lancaster, Pennsylvania, shared her capacity for determining those who are sincere as well as those disingenuous. She said it takes her one second to figure out if someone is kind upon first meeting them. “I look for kindness in their eyes. ” Lori further described this unique process, distinguishing personalities through colors evident to her: “Colors, certain Autism_int 1/19/06 28 5:53 PM Page 28 Autism and the God Connection colors signify kindness.

Or should we raise our expectations of acceptable conduct and then blame that person if they are not fulfilled to fruition? No. Presuming intellect is about belief in competence. It is as simple as interacting and being with others in the same ways that you would welcome from anyone else. In short, do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Presuming intellect implores us to understand that our traditional concept of “intelligence”—which may truly be dormant and unchallenged—must be tempered with an appreciation of individuals’ good and great wisdom.

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