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A large radio telescope outfitted with a transmitter can send out radio waves that pierce Venus’ cloud screen and bounce off the planet’s surface. The telescope then detects the returning radio waves. Spacecraft exploration. Exploration of the planet with spacecraft began in the 1960s. More than 20 unmanned spacecraft have visited Venus, including craft that have flown by, orbited, and landed on the planet and that have sent probes parachuting through its atmosphere. Like Earth-based telescopes, spacecraft flying near Venus use radar to penetrate the deck of clouds and map the surface below.

M. Pieters et al. “The Color of the Surface of Venus,” Science, vol. 234, p. 1382, Dec. 12, 1986, copyright © 1986 by the American Association for the Advancement of Science Flat rock slabs and soil on the surface of Venus appear in panoramic 170° images taken by the Venera 13 lander in natural light (top) and color corrected (bottom). The planet’s clouds and thick atmosphere filter out blue light, which gives the natural-light image an orange hue. The color-corrected image simulates what the surface would look like in white light (without the blue filtered out).

Mars has a very similar solar day to Earth’s. On the other hand, Jupiter and Saturn rotate more than twice as quickly as Earth and Mars do. Earth rotates in a counterclockwise direction as viewed from above the North Pole looking down. This is the same direction in which Earth revolves around the sun. Most of the other planets also rotate in this direction, which is called prograde. Earth’s spin axis is not perpendicular, or upright, relative to the plane in which it orbits. 5 degrees. This inclination is mainly responsible for the cycle of seasons on Earth.

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