Against the Tide of Years (Island in the Sea of Time, Book by S. M. Stirling PDF

By S. M. Stirling

ISBN-10: 1101119047

ISBN-13: 9781101119044

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Girenas pumped the iron lever set into the forestock of his crossbow six times, and the thick steel bow cut down from a car’s leaf-spring ratcheted back and clicked into place, ready for the quarrel he slipped into it. The girl pushed up the breech lever of the rifle, her eyes enormous in a face gone pale, thumbing home a paper cartridge, closing the action and priming the pan. They both went to ground behind logs, eyes scanning. “Perks! ” he snapped. The dog slipped through the underbrush and made its way around their campsite.

They broke out the shovels and dug, setting rocks from the stream on top of the earth; Girenas planted the men’s weapons as markers at their heads. Silence reigned as they broke camp and headed south toward Providence Base; Sue went in the lead with her rifle in the crook of her arm, then the three packhorses with the kills and gear. Girenas brought up the rear, and Perks went further still, like a hairy gray shadow among the trunks of the huge trees. It was hours before they saw sign of their own people.

Impressed . . ” Leaton said, brightening; Alex looked eager as well. ” “She said . ” Vicki stretched her Yankee vowels to try and match the sea-island Gullah of the Republic’s military leader. ” They shared a laugh. “Got to go,” Leaton said. ” The two Guard officers took their boxed lunches and bottles of sassafras tea to a bench outside. It was a warm day, for springtime in Nantucket—seventy-two degrees, according to the thermometer—and the wind in from the south smelled of turned earth from the spring plowing, a rich, not unpleasant odor of fertilizer, and a tang of sea salt under that.

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