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By Susan Glass

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This booklet explains how species have tailored to their setting through the years in an effort to survive.

summary: This e-book explains how species have tailored to their setting through the years for you to live on

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They fish the oceans, hunt animals on land, and pollute the air and water. Humans change and destroy habitats every day. Human actions have made survival difficult or impossible for many species. Some plants and animals have not been able to adapt to their rapidly changing or disappearing environments. Some have become endangered, and others have become extinct. And while extinction is part of Darwin’s natural selection process, the recent increase in the extinction of species is believed to be due to human behavior, not nature.

They can detect a seal several miles away. The skin of polar bears is black to help soak up the heat of the Sun. Their fur is made of hair that is hollow in the middle to better insulate the bear and keep it warm. Frost-Free Fur The fur of wolverines is frost-proof. Not only does it keep these animals warm and dry during harsh temperatures, but it is also used to make fur trim for parka hoods because it prevents a person’s breath from changing to water on the fur. It’s Dark Down Here ● ● ● Beneath the open ocean is a cold, dark world.

Some plants, such as violets and Himalayan impatiens, shoot their seeds into the air like little cannonballs. Other seeds, like those of maple and pine trees, have wing-shaped parts that help them glide to new homes. Palm trees drop coconuts into coastal waters. These huge seeds are adapted for floating to new habitats. When a coconut gets washed ashore on a sandy beach, it can sprout and grow into a new palm tree. Did you ever see tumbleweeds rolling across the land in a Western movie? That tumbling action is another adaptation for dispersing seeds.

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