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By John Stevens Henslow

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John Stevens Henslow (1796-1861), a pupil of Adam Sedgwick, turned Professor of Mineralogy at Cambridge in 1822. He quickly moved to a chair in Botany, and have become a instructor and mentor to Charles Darwin. This publication on mineralogy was once first released in 1823. It used to be meant to save lots of time in school by means of supplying an simply obtainable connection with the composition of varied minerals in keeping with the rules of atomic conception, which used to be then coming into the clinical mainstream. In that paradigm, research and exam of any mineral's composition concerned first ascertaining the mineral's straightforward molecules, either 'essential' and 'accidental', and moment, identifying the proportions during which the basic components mixed to shape the integrant molecule of the mineral. Henslow's e-book will curiosity historians of technological know-how tracing the improvement of atomic idea, and people operating extra greatly within the heritage of collage schooling and the highbrow weather of the 19th century.

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LECTURES ON MINERALOGY. GENUS- X. TIN. —tin foil—coating for iron plates. Species 1. Per-oxide of Tin. Klap. Theory. Klap. Theory. i. T i n . . 7 7 . 5 75. 75. 5 &c. Iron . 25 &c. 75 Silex . 75 II. Prim. Symetrical octohedron* HI. Crystals 10—fibrous (wood tin)—concretionary —granular (stream tin)—amorphous. iv. G. 95. Species 2. Sulphuret of Tin? Klapr. Tin... Sulph.. Iron . 5 34. 5 25. 12. 2. 30. 36. m. Disseminated—amorphous, iv. G. 785. 24 A SYLLABUS OF GENUS XI. COPPER. S. G. 87 and 9. Wire i inch supports 299 lbs,— Bronze — Bell-metal — Sheet-copper — 10844 Tons raised in Great Britain and Ireland in one year ending SO June 1822.

Ox. 5 18. 9 Tung. Acid.... 77 65. 37. 22. 25 2. 5 18 JJTheory. Tune. 06 45. 60 ii. Prim. Right rectangular prism, in. —Amorphous, iv. G. 3. GENUS VIII. NICKEL. S. G. 93. Plates 4 inch thickMagnetic power of Nickel : Iron :: 1 : 4 nearlyor as 35 : 55 (Lampadius). Species 1. Native Nickel. in. Capillary. Species 2. Arsenical Nickel— Copper Nickel. Strom. Theory. Nickel . . 75 Iron . Lead . Sulphur LECTURES ON MINERALOGY. 21 HI. Six-sided prism ? — reticulated — dendritic — concretionary—amorphous, iv.

T. = ii. Prim. Right rhomboidal prism. I l l 0 18'. in. —Amorphous. iv. S. G. 5223. Species 11. Arseniate of Iron. Chenevix Vauq. i. Ox. Iron . 31. 18 Water . . 5 32 Silica . . 4. Lime 2 Copper.... 9, II. Prim. Cube. in. —Concretionary—amorphous. iv. S. G. = 3. Species 12. Chromate of Iron. Tassaert i. Ox. Iron . . 36. 6 Silica Alumina Loss 4 Ox. I r o n . . 9 + Chrom. 0 + Vauq. Laog. Klap. 7 34. 43. 53. 2. 1. 3 11. 1. 7 34. 43. 5 2. 6. 3 II. Prim. Regular octohedron. in. —granular—amorphous.

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