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By Wil Stegenga

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An exciting collection of 30 advanced three-d designs, this quantity will attract colorists of every age. styles diversity from heavily interwoven squares, stars, and rectangles with sharp, angular types, to flowing interlacements of circles, ovals, hearts, and different rounded shapes. The hypnotic photographs, a few of which function optical illusions, are completely interesting.

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One of the best places to begin is with a drawing technique called an iterated function system. The artistic possibilities (as well as many other aspects) of iterated function systems were rst investigated by mathematician Michael Barnsley. 2. Iterated function systems Let's play a game that makes an interesting picture, just by plotting points in the plane. Let f; g : R2 ! R2 be ane transformations de ned by f (x) = A1 x + b1 ; and g(x) = A2 x + b2 where (1)         A1 = 11==22 11==22 ; b1 = 00 ; A2 = 2=03 2=03 ; b2 = 1=03 : We'll also need a coin for the game, and a starting point x0 in the plane.

It's the vanishing point of the images of all the vertical architectural lines, so it's collinear with M and N . ) β viewer's E eye α U M β 180˚ – (α+β) N Q a k picture plane h turret β W V ground Figure 27. We have drawn the picture plane (seen edge-on) as being tilted, in order to have the turret appear vertical. Since we still consider the picture plane to be the plane z = 0, the whole coordinate system is therefore tilted in the picture. The known quantities are the height h of the turret (which we will estimate later) and the points E , M , N , and Q.

Of course, the actual objects could be miles away or long vanished; they may never have even existed, like the little shed we drew in Figure 20. Nevertheless, the question can be meaningful in certain cases. For instance, whenever a work in perspective is based on a real scene, it is reasonable to expect that the artist viewed the canvas from what we would call the \correct" point of view, and if the scene appeared to the artist as it does in the painting from that point, then we can attempt to \reverse engineer" the picture and estimate how far from the objects in the picture the artist was located.

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