I Believe In Me Girls, Inc.


I Believe In Me Girls, Inc. (IBIM) is a mentoring and leadership development program dedicated to building self-esteem and leadership skills in girls ages 6-18.  IBIM’s program supports the achievement of mental, social, emotional, physical and financial success.  The mission of IBIM is to empower girls to B.E.L.I.E.V.E (Become Emerging Leaders Inspiring Excellence and Values Everyday) through group mentoring and leadership training necessary to become responsible, productive and successful members of our community.  IBIM’s mentoring program helps girls develop a healthy-self-image and greater confidence by providing support in a nurturing learning environment which enables them to develop essential skills necessary to face life’s multifaceted challenges. Our leadership development program is designed by academic professionals, psychologists, and sociologists to build character and strong leadership skills.  IBIM’s leadership program offers interactive life-skills workshops, civic workshops, and learning activities.


IBIM’s “Free to Be Me” Mentoring and Leadership Development Program will begin on September 23rd.  It is a 10-month program that meets every 2nd & 4th Sunday from 3pm-5pm and runs concurrently with the academic school year.

The program is divided into 3 groups based on age and grade level as follows:





Our program is designed to build character, self-esteem and strong leadership skills.  The program offers interactive life-skills workshops, civic workshops and experimental learning activities.  There will be sessions on the following topics: leadership, responsibility, financial literacy, college readiness, bullying, organization & goal setting, peer pressure, social media usage and limitations, personal creativity, health & wellness, etiquette, healthy emotions, relationships, and non-violent conflict resolution.

Cortney Robertson, Founder



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Registration 3/1/18 thru 8/31/18

Register online at: www.ibelievenme.com/programs

Girls Ages 6-18